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It is our sincere endeavor to source Best-in- Class  of highlight for our valued patrons With  our own screening and matching processes  that are tuned to the needs of each client, we  provide a very high 'selection-to-see', S-S  ratio  ! We can succeed in identifying and  presenting outstanding talent to our clients  only because every single employee of this  firm is the best in the business. As an  organization we will consciously and  consistently endeavor to attract, retain and  develop the best in our business and ensure  that this translates into the highest standards  of service to our clients.

  • What does HOSPITAL STAFF SERVICES dedicate to?
  • The HOSPITAL STAFF SERVICES provides turn-key, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and health systems. is the most experienced hospital administrator, project planner, medical equipment procurer, developer and advisory company in the Global market today. provides individual services, turn-key services and total solutions.

  • Who are HOSPITAL STAFF SERVICES clients?
  • Our clients are international hospitals and medical centers that include: Recruitment of staff nurse and doctors Investors or physicians looking to develop a new hospital project Private hospital seeking a “turn-key” solution to management, administration, branding and operations Public hospitals and health systems seeking a Public Private Partnership.

    • Is HOSPITAL STAFF SERVICES interested in administrating public hospitals and hiring with the governments, the provision of these services ?

    There are currently significant changes internationally as a result of significant reforms to the Social Security, Public and National Health Services. has partnered and collaborated with local governments and investors to meet these challenges and providing local solutions. Our work with Government sponsored hospitals and health systems in typically in the form of Public Private Partnerships to manage and operate hospitals efficiently to International Standard of care and service.

  • How does an outsourcing management will operate ?
  • The HOSPITAL STAFF SERVICES provides the same consultancy services, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and health systems. places an experienced executive team at the hospital for full-time, hands on management of the hospital. Each affiliated hospital and doctor we work with maintains its own individuality, yet has within its grasp the resources of an international healthcare organization. Our business philosophy and management experience enables us to bring “hands on” global resources locally to work with hospitals and doctors. Whether you are building a new hospital, looking to develop a health plan, increase the hospital census, expand the reach of the market of your hospital or want to bring your hospital to the world market, is your partner and the total solution. places a full-time executive on site, which acts as the General Manager, CEO or Administrator and is the responsible of the day-to-day management and to represent This executive is permanently supported by the Staff and its Strategic Partners.

  • What difference is there between an out sourced management contract with HOSPITAL STAFF SERVICES and a traditional hospital consultancy contract ?
  • The traditional consultancy company offer services such as evaluation, advice and planning. Very often this advice is never implemented or fully acted on. provides the same consultancy services and then implants the necessary strategic and business changes realizing actual results and improvement over the long-term.

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